Benghazi Truth Bomb?

Did the CIA kill Ambassador Stevens?  With Obama & Hillary’s knowledge and consent?

A caller, “Burt,” to Michael Savage’s radio show who claims to have had 20 years of top clearance, thinks so.  Now, there are several problems with this caller, not the least of which is he states he was a “neighbor” of Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz, and didn’t disguise his voice at all, so, if he was hoping to remain anonymous, that’s blown.  And someone with top clearance who believes the CIA killed one of our Ambassadors doesn’t seem to have through the fact that he could be next… So I have significant trouble jumping over that obstacle to his credibility, but, these (intel) guys have endured 7 years of being thrown under the bus by this administration, and if he does have such clearance, it’s also possible he’s been trained to protect himself.  Who knows?  He’s calling from Utah, but that doesn’t mean he’s still a neighbor of Chaffetz’s, and he might be living in some shack somewhere out there under an assumed name.  I don’t know, but what he has to say is interesting if only for the theory he puts forth…

You can listen HERE.

Below I grabbed a very small section of the transcript as provided by YouTube. It’s heavily edited & corrected for clarity. It is by no means complete, and I make no claim that it is 100% accurate, but I did my best. I just did a quick cut & edit job for my visitors who, like me, hate listening to videos and would much rather scan a transcript! Again: It’s just a slice, and it’s edited for clarity, but nothing I did changed the meaning of what was said.

MICHAEL SAVAGE: “…You have twenty years national top secret security clearance I have no reason to doubt you… So start from the beginning of a full five minutes right now if you need it.”

“BURT”: “…My life’s work (is) to put Barack Obama, Eric Holder, John Kerry, (and) Hillary Clinton in prison and if I end up missing I want this information out… Assad is one of the few regimes over there was duly elected (but) he wouldn’t play ball with us so as we do we play both sides against each other… The CIA trained both the rebels and a false force… McCain accidentally leaked that today even though it been leaked before…”

MICHAEL SAVAGE: “…You’re now alleging on this national show that the CIA set up a fake group… and they set up a fake Syrian Army… that gassed their own people?”

“BURT”: “…Remember a few months ago when the media reported that Assad was gassing the the rebels? …(An) independent study on the gas that was used (showed it was) not the same kind of gas that Assad was shown to have his arsenal. It was gas that was being transported through Libya through Turkey… So we’re framing him just like we framed all the rest when we took out Noriega in Panama the whole history and the other dictators and things that the U.S. put into place and when they start stepping out line and we had to go in and remove them… So the point one point I want to make is when Chris Stevens found out about these weapons of mass destruction … being smuggled in there and the CIA’s involvement he threatened to expose (it)…”

MICHAEL SAVAGE: “…(So) you’re saying they unleashed a mob on him because he was gonna expose the United States double-dealing in all of this…”

“BURT”: “…The CIA outpost was a few blocks away. They blocked any (help) coming to the consulate (for) Chris Stevens and his aide (who) were locked in a quote-unquote safe room… and then the two Seals that we’re trying to defend the CIA outpost were killed. They were killed because the CIA was not supposed to be taking action. They were supposed to be standing down and let Chris Stevens be taken out.”


…And for the record:  I find Michael Savage utterly unlistenable for a whole litany of reasons I won’t list here, but one of my tweeps tweeted out the heads-up and I’m glad he did!