“Back Off”, Barnes? BITE ME.

“It is to everyone’s benefit that people back off…”

Thems is fightin’ words, girlfriend.

A former Obama Administration OFFICIAL, Melody Barnes – so not some back-bencher talking head – ACTUALLY said on national television (well, MSNBC so only the political class saw it and maybe 3 people outside the NY/DC corridor) that we should “back off” protesting Obamacare.

Way to pour gas on the flames, sister.

All it’s done is steel my resolve even deeper.

(Transcript/Video via Newsbusters:)

MELODY BARNES: It is to everyone’s benefit that people back off of what was the Reagan administration legacy that government is bad, government workers are bad and think about how we’re going to make this work because what we’ve seen time and time again with Katrina and moving forward is if we don’t have an effective federal government people get hurt. In fact people can die.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Hold on a second. why would I back off if I think health care policy is bad for the country in the the long run, the federal government is not competent enough to run it, and the launch has been terrible. Sam Stein asks the question are Republicans going to do their best to help this implementation? No, I don’t think they are. And I don’t think it means they are unpatriotic if they don’t. Obviously what happened over the past few weeks, Sam, absolutely idiotic and self-defeating but why should the Republicans say hey listen we want to help you implement a program that we think will end private insurance over the next decade? That goes against everything I believe and millions and millions of Americans believe.